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All Rights Reserved, Lalita L. Cofer Copyright 2014
First in series of experimental works combining metal leaf and washes of acrylic paint and collage over canvas. 
canvas size 24"x30" plus frame.
Wet and dry pigment on rice paper  applied over gold, silver and copper leafing. 

"Idyll, by the shores of the Ionian Sea"            $2,900.00

Lalita Lyon Cofer
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Gold, Silver & Copper leaf applied to the canvas makes this painting glow!
IDYLL BY THE SHORES OF THE IONIAN SEA original painting by Lalita L. CoferIDYLL BY THE SHORES OF THE IONIAN SEA original painting by Lalita L. Cofer
Original paintings inspired by...the Mediterranean
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It is my hope that the paintings I create will resonate in your heart and beguile your eyes.
When you choose one of my paintings or a print to grace the walls of your home, or office, or as a gift, I consider it an honor.
Creating art is difficult, joyful, tortuous, wonderful, agonizing and does it for the love of beauty and the overwhelming urge to create.
To an artist, to sell one's work is to know that the art created, the thought in visual form has been received and understood by another, it completes the is communication.
I paint a limited number of original paintings per year.  You will find my work on my web sites and at a very few select galleries, never at a street fair.
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