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Artist's Bio

Lalita spent most of her childhood abroad, living in Lebanon, France and Italy, giving her a chance to sample a diversity of cultures and art styles.  The romance of faraway places still beckons, and Lalita finds herself in the Caribbean, Italy or on the Greek Islands as often as possible.  She paints on street corners or sitting in little cafes', exchanging pleasantries with friendly locals.  The sketches painted "en plein air" become the inspiration for the finished works.
The artist lives in Florida and enjoys painting the tropical splendor around her home.
Lalita says "I paint with paper". " I apply papers to canvas as a painter uses a brush loaded with paint.  I apply water media to rice paper, refine the image with pen and combine with veils of hand stained transparent papers to create an image that is very unique.  This collage technique of 'painting with paper' gives me great freedom of expression.  I am able to transcend the barrier between two and three-dimensinal work".  Lalita says "it gives my paintings a very unique surface, style and brilliant coloration."

Lalita is an award winning artist, her paintings grace the collections of a College President, an Academy Award winning actress, TV and many wonderful art patrons in the US and around the world.

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2 arty ladies ( Lalita & artist friend Rose) & 1 southern (Georgia) Greek, Helen,
in Pothia, Island of Kalymnos, 9/01
On the Island of Kalymnos, 9/01, Lalita, the old Greek fisherman, and Helen, who speaks Greek with a southern accent!
Lalita & husband Duffy
in Rome,
a week after 9/11/01.
Yes, I did ride on the scooter, behind Duffy!
I look a bit wild after the ride to the other side of the Island of Kalymnos, but I did it!
Lalita on the Island of Antigua

Lalita & husband Duffy on the Isle of Capri, overlooking the 2 sisters rocks.
Lalita taking a little time at the cafe` to rest after walking the city of Naples.
My home Studio
Naples, the Cloister of Santa Chiara, with the beautiful gardens and majolica tile decoration of the garden walls, benches and pillars.
In the background, the ruins of the town of Herculaneum.
No worries, Bahama style.
Waiting for the bus, Bahamas.
Bliss, Bahama style.
In Grenada painting 2000
Long Island arrival and a new  glorious beach to ourselves every day!
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